Student Resources

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NAAHP is proud to offer free resources and information for students interested in careers in the health professions. Click the available options below for more information.

The NAAHP National Office does not have health professions advisors on staff.
Please submit a "Find an Advisor" request form to be connected with a volunteer NAAHP advisor.

About the Health Professions

Discover more about health professions education and careers through resources provided by the 18 health professions associations that make up the NAAHP Advisory Council.

Find An Advisor

NAAHP members have volunteered to be available to those individuals
who have no other access to advising. You can also search for the NAAHP health professions advisor at your institution.

Post Baccalaureate Opportunities

Learn more about postbac programs and the postbac program application process.

Funding Opportunities

Explore professional school funding options

Student Opportunities

Search for available student opportunitie
s nationwide that include: eLearning, workshops, clinical research, shadowing, etc. 

Student Fact Sheets

Know the facts about medical school application expenses, gap years and reapplying to medical school.