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**The NAAHP National Office does not have Health Professions Advisors on staff.
Please use the Find an Advisor links below; phone calls to the National Office will also direct you to this Find An Advisor page.**

NAAHP has created resources for students, particularly for those who have no other access to advising support.  NAAHP National Office does not have health professions advisors on staff to provide personalized advising to students.


NAAHP members are health professions advisors at institutions throughout the country.  If you see your current institution or alma mater listed in our institutions database, you can be assured there is an advisor at your institution and is committed to staying informed so they can be as helpful as possible for their students. 


We have created a few resources to help you learn how to partner with a health professions advisor during your health professions journey. 


Learn how a health professions advisor can help you in your journey to a career in the health professions.

How and Why Students Work with 
Health Professions Advisors
AAMC - Partnering with Your Advisor

AAMC - The Value of Working with
a Pre-health Advisor

**The NAAHP National Office does not have health professions advisors on staff.**

Finding Advising Support

Step 1:  If you are a current student or recent graduate (past 5 years), check the Health Professions (Premedical) Advising Office website of your college/university for contact information and to determine if the office advises alumni.  If you are eligible for advising through your home institution, you should contact that office for advising assistance.


Step 2:  Check to see if your college/university has any NAAHP member advisors by using our “Find An Existing Advisor At Your Institution.” If there is a NAAHP member advisor at your institution, contact them directly for advising assistance.

  Find an existing
at Your Institution


Step 3:  If your college/university does not have any premedical/health professions advisors or does not provide advising assistance to alumni, then you can request support from our Find A Volunteer Advisor program.  We appreciate thoughtful completion of the form to include your resume/CV and detailed questions that are wanting assistance answering. NAAHP Volunteer Advisors practice a strict professional courtesy policy and if your institution has a Health Professions Advisor, you will be referred to them for assistance. 

Request a Volunteer
Health Professions

NAAHP Unsuccessful Applicant Assistance

For Applicants to Health Professions Programs This Current Application Cycle

At this time of year, many applicants are concerned that they have not been admitted or interviewed, and often seek advice.  Here are some steps to consider: 

  1. Contact programs that you applied to for counseling on how you might strengthen a future application.
  2. If counseling is not available, contact your health professions advisor at the college/university that you attended to ask for advice.
  3. If counseling at your college/university’s Health Professions Advising Office is not available, you are welcome to submit a request for advising assistance through the NAAHP’s Finding an Advisor service. See Step 3 above.  Including a copy of your primary application (e.g. AMCAS or AACOMAS) will be helpful to your assigned volunteer advisor.