Advisor Portals

Help Accessing Portals

NAAHP only provides quick access to these Advisor Portals and cannot help with issues experienced when trying to access them. If you are in need of assistance please be in touch with Liaison at the information below.

Health Professions Advisor Support
Phone: (857) 304-2020












The Universal Advisor Portal

The Universal Advisor Portal provides convenient access to information about applicants from an advisor's own institution to multiple health professions as long as these individuals have consented to the release of their data. Access to the portals is subject to verification by Liaison staff, on behalf of the Centralized Application Services for the various health professions.

Each CAS determines what information may be visible to advisors and when.

Click on the Portal Graphic to access the advisor portal for the application cycles released thus far. 

Please see the Universal Advisor Portal Dates by CAS for specific timelines for each CAS during the current application cycle.