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Welcome to NAAHP, and Greetings from Champaign, Illinois!
Whether you are a new member of NAAHP or returning to the association after time away, we are so happy to have you as a NAAHP member!

Over the past two years, NAAHP has tackled top-down organizational structures, policies, and procedures with great success. In June 2021, our Board of Directors completed a strategic plan which mapped out two core areas of focus: Continuing Education and Leadership.

NAAHP is currently developing two new programs, both launched in Spring 2022:

  • NAAHP-Ed: Our year-round continuing education professional development program
  • NAAHP-Leads: Our leadership education program

All of you are not only "Members" but collaborators on building the success of the association. The National Office relies on your expertise and knowledge to create the tools and resources that directly impact the association's core pillars: Diversity, Education, and Leadership.

Tony Wynne
Executive Director


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