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Student Opportunities are subject to a short review process to ensure all opportunities are applicable to pre-health students. Once reviewed, opportunities are then posted to the listing. Submissions are typically approved and posted within 5 business days if not sooner. For questions or changes to submitted events, please contact us.

Current Student Opportunities

  • Nationally Accredited Medical Certifications for Pre-Health Students

    Online Medical Assistant Course – fast-track to a healthcare career. Externship and job placement. Instructor-led for success. Self-paced, Accredited. Type ... More
  • The Mayo Clinic 2024-2025 Post-Baccalaureate Research Program

    The post-baccalaureate program includes many of these same elements, as well as a mentored “gap year” experience for students who work as research assistants ... More
  • The Mayo Clinic 2024 Summer Undergraduate Program in Biomedical Ethics Research

    The 10-week summer program places each student with a faculty mentor to work on a particular research project for the summer. In addition, students participate ... More
  • Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine Internship Program

    OVERVIEW TUSPM Winter/Summer Internship Programs Interns will attend workshops and seminars on podiatric medicine, as well as shadow and work with podiatric ... More
  • Clinical Research

    This is an opportunity to learn clinical skills of an ophthalmic technician in an ambulatory subspecialty of ophthalmology. Type of Opportunity:  ... More
  • CerviCusco

    CerviCusco (a Peruvian NGO), founded in 2008 by a US-based medical academician, is a health clinic located in the Andes Mountains of Peru. We have ... More
  • Immersive Pre-Health Shadowing Internships Abroad (PA, Nursing, Midwifery & Dentistry)

    Shadow doctors under mentorship & supervision in resourced deprived hospitals abroad & a chance to explore & volunteer in community outreach programs. Location:  ... More
  • Medical Electives in Kenya & Tanzania (Elective Africa)

    Get insight into global health; see how limited resources & sociocultural issues affect care delivery; volunteer & meet your med school requirements. Location:  ... More
  • Physician Assistant Internship in Kenya & Tanzania (Elective Africa)

    Gain supervised hands-on experience and exposure to a different healthcare system, volunteer and build your clinical skills/competence. Location:  ... More
  • Surgery Electives in Kenya & Tanzania (Elective Africa)

    Enhance your global health knowledge and surgical skills through exposure in carrying out both the basic and complex surgical procedures. Location:  ... More
  • Nursing and Midwifery Internships Abroad (Elective Africa)

    Get a full exposure to the day to day activities of a nurse/midwife through our safe, structured and mentored nursing internship program abroad. Location:  ... More
  • Dentistry Internships in Kenya and Tanzania (Elective Africa)

    Learn the day to day activities of dentists and also other dental professionals to get a deeper insight into what the dentistry entails. Location:  ... More
  • Pre Medical Shadowing Internship

    Shadow doctors under mentorship and supervision in Kenya and Tanzania & a chance to volunteer in community outreach programs in the destination. Location:  ... More

    A 2-12 week immersive internship that is customized to suit your clinical interest areas & a chance to volunteer in underprivileged communities. Location:  ... More
  • Travelers Summer Research Fellowship

    This program provides experiential research training (bench, clinical, translational) to junior and senior undergraduate students. Location:  New York Type ... More

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