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Attendee_Registration_Rates_Screenshot_-_Cropped-01.jpgNAAHP members have volunteered to be available to those individuals who have no other access to advising.

NAAHP is pleased to have among its members, advisors from the schools listed. If you see your current institution or alma mater listed, you can be assured that there is an advisor at that institution. More than that, you can assume this individual is committed to staying informed so they can be as helpful as possible to their students.

Please review the documents below to learn more about how a health professions advisor can help you in your journey to a career in the health professions.

How to Request or Find A Volunteer Health Professions Advisor

The NAAHP National office does not have health professions advisors on staff.
Volunteer advisors are available by submitting you application to request a volunteer advisor.


Request a Volunteer
Health Professions Advisor
Find an Existing Advisor
at Your Institution**

**NAAHP Volunteer Advisors practice a strict professional courtesy policy and if your institution has a Health Professions Advisor, you will be referred to that Health Professions Advisor at your institution.