Health Professions Admissions Guide - 10th Edition

Health Professions Admissions Guide, 2017

Health Professions Admissions Guide

Tenth Edition - 2013

Formerly, Medical Professions Admissions Guide and also Strategies for Success: A Handbook for Prehealth Students

Health Professions Admissions Guide: Strategies For Success provides detailed, up-to-date information on a variety of health professions. It begins with the initial questions students should ask when exploring these professions and continues through to the application procedure, giving helpful advice to increase chances of acceptance. Written and edited by a committee of experienced health professions advisors, and with the valuable contributions of the NAAHP Advisory Council members, the Health Professions Admissions Guide delineates a simple and effective strategy to approach the often complex process of applying to health professions schools.

The Health Professions Admissions Guide is an invaluable reference guide for both students and advisors. As an important reference on the advisor's shelf, a wonderful addition to the resource library for students, or as the text for an introductory course on the health professions, this guidebook will help students prepare for their health professions education