About eBlasts

NAAHP does not sell email addresses but would be happy to send an HTML email message on behalf of your institution or organization to ALL of our membership categories, OR to our advisor, community college advisor, affiliate, and emeritus Membership Categories in one or more of our Regions. We generally send out requested eBlasts 1 week after receipt of payment and of content. Information from non-NAAHP members must be reviewed and approved in advance.

Reaching Out to NAAHP Membership

Many of our constituents, both Patron members and others, often ask us how to reach out to advisors to communicate about programs, special events, changes in procedures, etc. An eBlast is one of the best options to be in touch with ALL membership categories of NAAHP to inform them of these topics. For additional methods of outreach, please see advertising opportunities with NAAHP.

eBlast purchases are suspended through June 2022 while the National Office prepares for the 2022 National Conference in Denver.


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