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05-15-2023 05:37 PM

00:41:13    Olga Salinas:    How are you able to keep to your mission to improve diversity in admissions in this difficult political climate?
00:42:13    Robert Cannon:    Between two essentially identical applicants, one has been a CNA for two years working in a hospital and the other has been a scribe in a medical practice for two years.  Which one would your admissions committee likely choose?
00:47:20    Bart Gillum:    @Donna, Do you guys consider virtual shadowing hours?
00:47:39    Victoria (Tori) Carrillo:    It needs to be direct patient care? Most of those require certifications - sometimes we direct that volunteering in healthcare settings can count as that exposure with their shadowing
00:47:50    Pamela McNulty:    How would recommend CA residents (who leave the state for college) standout as residents when applying to CA medical schools such as UC-Davis?
00:49:26    Yuko Miyamoto:    How do you evaluate candidates who were a D1 athlete who may not have had as many of the experiences than non athlete applicants?
00:49:39    Donna Jackson:    VCU does accept virtual shadowing and virtual tutoring as viable experiences.
00:49:45    Anna Tognazzini:    Donna, could you explain how Casper is used if not as part of the admissions process?
00:50:50    Robert Cannon:    What about need for direct, hands-on patient care experiences for MSM?
00:51:23    Kristin Tocci:    How do you all consider low income students and/or fully self supporting students who have to work so many hours, it may interfere with some of these shadowing/patient care/volunteering requirements or evaluation criteria?
00:51:24    Donna Jackson:    @ Ellen, we use it for comparison, if an applicant is offered an interview to see if their is correlation between Casper and the MMI interview score.
00:52:43    John Buckley:    Reacted to "How are you able to ..." with πŸ’―
00:53:09    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    This question may be premature but I'm curious why you opted not to include metrics around GPA, MCAT, # of hrs in experience?
00:53:25    John Buckley:    Reacted to "It needs to be direc..." with πŸ‘πŸ»
00:53:51    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    Replying to "This question may be..."

I'm happy that you didn't BTW!
00:54:15    John Buckley:    Reacted to "VCU does accept virt..." with πŸ‘πŸ»
00:55:38    John Buckley:    Reacted to "How do you all consi..." with πŸ‘πŸ»
00:56:11    Gabriela Jakubowska:    Reacted to "How do you all consi..." with πŸ‘πŸ»
01:00:17    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    And how do you all define the term clinical experience (or an example of what is NOT clinical experience)? I feel that sometimes our students think they basically have to know how to be doctors before going to med school!
01:02:25    jackie McLaughlin:    Would you consider hospice volunteering as direct care?
01:03:21    jackie McLaughlin:    that is what I thought, thanks.
01:03:54    JuYeon Lee:    I am confused. The hospice care can be a direct care or just community service?
01:04:54    Charlene Green:    Replying to "How would recommend ..."

We have a question on the secondary that asks about CA ties. Also, listing activities that took place in CA is helpful to show the connection (coming home and doing work in the summer, etc.)
01:05:08    Bart Gillum:    How do you all value veterans?  Do you consider that community service?
01:07:12    Laura Soluri:    What are those β€œminimum hour” requirements?
01:08:17    Marlene Ballejos:    For our school, it is not a minimum number of hours but more about lessons learned from the experience and the ability to discuss the doctor/patient experience and relationship.
01:09:12    Franklyn Geary:    We expect students to have hands-on and direct patient experience.  We do not have minimum requirements.
01:09:35    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    Reacted to "For our school, it i..." with πŸ‘
01:09:42    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    Reacted to "We expect students t..." with πŸ‘
01:10:37    Gabriela Jakubowska:    Reacted to "For our school, it i..." with πŸ‘
01:14:30    Pamela McNulty:    Replying to "How would recommend ..."

Thank you!
01:15:43    John Buckley:    Reacted to "For our school, it i..." with πŸ‘πŸ»
01:16:50    Ron Reyes:    Reacted to "For our school, it i..." with πŸ‘
01:17:35    Sharon Babcock:    What advice do you offer to advisors who find themselves in situations where a genuinely  disadvantaged student hesitates (sometimes resists) responding "Y" and authoring a statement?
01:19:14    Gabriela Jakubowska:    Reacted to "What advice do you o..." with πŸ‘
01:23:07    Donna Jackson:    @Sharon, I would let them know that the majority of medical schools are using holistic review and we are also genuinely interesting in their distance traveled.  Their experience shows us their resilience and persistence, which is important characteristics as a medical student.
01:24:57    Franklyn Geary:    Absolutely!!
01:27:28    Sharon Babcock:    Replying to "@Sharon, I would let..."

thanks Donna. I applaud the recent modification of the AAMC question!  I anticipate this will serve all parties well -- especially pre-med students.
01:27:51    Donna Jackson:    Replying to "@Sharon, I would let..."

we hope so!
01:30:25    Kristin Tocci:    Replying to "How do you all consi..."

just bumping this in case any panelists want to reply in the chat. thanks :)
01:31:01    Marlene Ballejos:    Link to using medical school mission:
01:32:02    Donna Jackson:    Replying to "How do you all consi..."

At VCU we look at them the same as athletes, considering the characteristics that this applicant may bring to the class due to their experience.
01:33:55    John Moses-Brownson (Penn State):    Reacted to "At VCU we look at th..." with πŸ‘
01:34:00    Kristin Tocci:    Reacted to "At VCU we look at th..." with ❀️
01:37:57    Erika Dawson | Bryn Mawr Postbac Program:    Absolutely and perfectly said, Dr Geary!
01:52:31    Kristen Labrecque:    Thank you for this valuable time!
01:53:34    Maureen Dawson:    Thank you!
01:55:47    Amber Demastus:    Thank you for the information. I have to go to meet with a student.
01:56:18    Franklyn Geary:    Yes!! Our students care for patients at the Atlanta VA.
01:56:35    Pamela McNulty:    Thank you for such valuable information!
01:56:45    jackie McLaughlin:    Thank you!!
01:56:45    Sharon Babcock:    Thank you panelists and hosts!
01:56:46    Brian McNelis:    This was an incredible program!!
01:56:49    Annie Laib Jenkins:    Thank you for this conversation!
01:56:50    Bart Gillum:    Thank you all very much. This was very helpful!!
01:56:50    Cindy Seltzer:    Thank you! This was really infomative!
01:56:52    Yuko Miyamoto:    Many thinks to the panelist for their time!
01:56:53    Wendy Loughlin:    Thank you all!
01:56:55    Ron Reyes:    Thank you!
01:56:59    Mary Beth Connell:    Thank you!!
01:57:01    Cheryl Brewster:    Excellent resources
01:57:05    Tracy Hetherington:    Thank you so much for your time and this valuable information!
01:57:08    Alyssa Perz:    Thanks, this was very helpful!  I appreciate your time
01:57:13    Haley McInnis:    Thank you so much! This was very helpful!
01:57:24    Deidre Campbell:    Thank you all.
01:57:25    Gabriela Jakubowska:    thank you to the panelists!
01:57:27    Franklyn Geary:    Thanks everyone for your participation!!
01:57:27    Alex Tan:    Zuri’s the best!
01:57:30    Debi Swarner:    Thanks to Zuri and for the panelists!
01:57:31    Brittany Morhac:    Thank you this was so helpful!
01:57:31    Allyson Backstrom:    Thank you everyone.
01:57:38    Bobbi Knickerbocker:    Zuri is the best!!!

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