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The NAAHP Sack contains resources that you can use to explore the health professions, including Fact Sheets, Social Medial links, and updates from our professional association partners.

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Letters Toolbox

Health Professions Advisor Letter of Recommendation Toolbox

Models and information for composing letters of evaluation/recommendation. Resources include articles, handouts, presentations and more.

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Advisor Portals

Health Professions Application Portals

An at-a-glance directory of CAS advisor portals

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The Advisor Online

The Advisor on wooden desk

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Access archives of our professional journal from 2010 to present in an easy to navigate website format.


New Advisor's Toolbox

New Health Professions Advisor Toolbox

A great place to start for new advisors, or for those training new advisors.

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NAAHP Fingertip Guide

NAAHP Finger Tip Guide: Application Services at a Glance

Brief details about each centralized application service, organized by profession, which can be shared with students.

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Best Practices

Best Practices for Health Professions Advising

The NAAHP Best Practices for Institutions and Advisors, along with survey data regarding how well they are being met.

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NAAHP Bibliography

This list of references, always a work in progress, should provide ample material for enriching one’s knowledge of the health professions.

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