Addressing Diversity - Pharmacy

AACP is actively involved in promoting a diverse student body and cultural competence in the pharmacy curriculum. Pharmacy students must learn to understand the needs of individuals of varied ethnic and cultural origins so that they can effectively communicate with and counsel their patients. AACP collaborated with the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) on a webcast "Cultural Competence in Health-Professions Training: Considerations for Implementation” in May 2005. The 2006 AACP Interim Meeting content was also devoted to cultural competence and closing the gaps of health disparities. It provided insights to assist pharmacy educators with changing their programs to reflect this new sensibility. During the Interim Meeting AACP partnered with the leading Spanish-language communications company in the US to host a medication brown bag review and health screening in which pharmacy students and faculty provided screenings and medication information for an estimated 1000 attendees. AACP and other associations will offer a four-day interprofessional institute in January 2007 designed to help health professions education faculty and administrators inculcate cultural competence into health professions curricula.