Membership Renewal

NAAHP Membership Renewal

All memberships, purchased before July 1, 2022, expire on October 31, 2022. 

The yearly NAAHP membership cycle begins on November 1st.
Existing Members will receive a Membership Renewal email, with invoice, on September 1. The invoice may be paid by credit card using the provided link (payment by check is no longer available.
 Payment is required within 60 days.
If payment is not received within the 60-day invoice period, your NAAHP membership will automatically terminate, and you will lose access to 
If you do not renew your membership within 60 days of October 31, 2022, you will be required to complete a New Member Application for membership.

Transfer, Move, Member Profile Changes and Expiration

NAAHP Membership Transfer. An active membership held by an individual but paid for by an institution, either directly or by reimbursement, may be transferred to another individual in the same institution. Requests for transfers can be submitted using the Transfer of Membership Application through August 31. Individuals requesting a transfer of membership after August 31 will need to apply for a New Membership. Each new member will generate their own membership profile during form submission. The transfer is only for payment purposes.
NAAHP Membership Move. An active membership held by an individual and paid for solely by the individual may be moved to another institution. Move requests are accepted through May 31 using the Move of Membership Application. Individuals requesting a move of membership after May 31 will need to apply for a New Membership. Role changes due to a moved membership must be lateral or the membership will be re-assessed and the individual billed for any increase in fees.
All Memberships, purchased before July 1, 2022, expire October 31, 2022.