Additional Details

  • FamilyCare Pre-Health Dir, Willamette University (Salem, OR)

    Willamette University seeks a Director of its Pre-Health advising program, housed in the Career Development Office in the undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences. The position is a 12-month full-time administrative appointment and will be known as the FamilyCare Pre-Health Director. This position reports to the Director of Career Development.

    Supported by a generous endowment from the FamilyCare Foundation, the FamilyCare Pre-Health Director will lead, coordinate, and provide support for various aspects of health professions at Willamette University and assist students in the College of Arts & Sciences in all phases of their exploration and career decision-making in the fields of Clinical Healthcare and Public Health, including education, co-curricular experiences, and postgraduate opportunities. Building on a thriving faculty-led program of long standing, the Director will both coordinate existing activities surrounding preparation for and application to graduate and professional schools, and also develop new opportunities to meet the needs of our growing body of students interested in the health professions. Work will involve advising students individually and in groups; liaising with and supporting faculty; and connecting with external partners to develop internships and other enrichment opportunities. The Director will be responsible for some independent teaching as well as collaborating with faculty on other presentations in and out of the classroom. The Director will also be responsible for a variety of administrative functions, including creating and coordinating advising materials, maintaining accurate databases and participating in assessment of the program.

    Duties / Responsibilities:
    • Program Oversight & Leadership
    • Unify and provide structure for students interested in various career health professions in collaboration with faculty, departments and programs.
    • Maintain knowledge of ongoing developments in admissions exams (MCAT, DAT, PCAT, PA-CAT, GRE, etc.), timelines and processes.
    • Plan and implement pre-health and public health career-related programming on and off campus
    • Collaborate with faculty advisory committee that assists student and alumni in their application process to medical and other health-related graduate programs
    • Operationalize a comprehensive and inclusive system to obtain letters of recommendation
    • Design and implement a practice interview program to assist students in their applications to health programs across various disciplines
    • Oversee the distribution of summer research/internship fund in collaboration with the Director of Career Development
    • Maintain website and printed materials for pre-health and public health programs in collaboration with faculty and student leaders
    • Ensure complete and accurate data collection and analysis related to student and alumni interested in health-related careers, including outcomes data
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Student Advising
    • Advise individual students and alumni throughout their career decision-making process, supporting career discovery, experiential learning, internships, research, and application processes
    • Provide academic advising to supplement faculty advising
    • Develop and lead workshops, seminars, and events to support students in their career exploration and discovery
    • Track and maintain notes for all student appointments
    • Collaborate with Career Development staff to develop and design career programming for students
    • Teaching/Presenting
    • Present to students on various aspect of career in health-related fields
    • Potential to teach a partial-credit course on careers in health professions
    • Outreach/Relationship Management
    • Establish relationships with faculty, staff, alumni, business and community stakeholders to generate new opportunities for undergraduate students
    • Research, develop, assess, and maintain internship and research opportunities locally and regionally
    • Support admissions in the recruitment of prospective pre-health students, which may include participating in the Heatherington Scholars selection process and responding to student and parent inquiries
    • Connect with graduate and professional programs to construct curriculum maps that assist students in undergraduate course-planning for graduate success

    The successful candidate will possess
    • Master’s Degree in a relevant field preferred; Bachelor’s degree with experience in health-related field or pre-health advising would also be considered
    • Knowledge of various health professions and graduate application processes in health-related field
    • Two or more years of career development/academic advising or equivalent experience, preferably in a pre-health context
    • Strong presentation and workshop facilitation skills, for both small and large audiences
    • Background working with and supporting students from underrepresented and marginalized identities
    • Competency with learning and using software and software programs, google drive, and other technological platforms such as Handshake, WorkDay, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Proven ability to foster and maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders and community partners in public interested ways
    • Outstanding organization and time management skills
    • Knowledge of modern data management practices and excellent record-keeping practices
    • The ability to work effectively in a team environment, as well as to initiate partnerships across operational units
    • The ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality regarding sensitive materials and information.