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  • Clinician Educators, Thomas F. Frist, Jr. College of Medicine (Nashville, TN)

    Thomas F. Frist, Jr. College of Medicine at Belmont University is seeking Clinician Educators to be core faculty members within the College of Medicine. As their primary responsibility, the development, delivery, and assessment of a case-based, student-centered curriculum for pre-clinical medical students. These faculty members will collaborate with an inter-professional and interdisciplinary faculty team to develop rich clinical cases that integrate the biomedical, social, and health systems sciences to foster student inquiry, acquisition, and application of knowledge to patient care.

    The faculty will be actively engaged as a small-group co-facilitator for the pre-clinical curriculum, provide additional academic support as needed for students, and serve as role-models in support of a positive learning environment, professionalism, and life-long learning. Additionally, faculty will mentor students with special interests in scholarly activity related to their discipline and area of focus.

    Clinician Educator
    The clinician educator will be actively engaged as a small-group facilitator for the pre-clinical curriculum, participate in the teaching and assessment of clinical skills, and serve as role-models and mentors for the students. Additional expectations include but are not limited to dedicating 1.0 FTE to teaching, assessment, mentoring, service, and clinical practice.

    Required Education and Experience:
    Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from an accredited university and Board Certification in appropriate specialty area. Experience in curriculum/case development for undergraduate medical education programs. Experience in the teaching and assessment of medical students

    We are recruiting for specialists in the following disciplines:
    Family Medicine
    Internal Medicine

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree and Board Certification in appropriate specialty area

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Develop pre-clinical, integrated clinical cases in collaboration with interprofessional and interdisciplinary preclinical faculty teams that meet the course and program level objectives, and the mission and vision of the College of Medicine.
    Serve as a small-group leader for pre-clinical medical students to deliver and assess student progress and achievement of case and program objectives.
    Deliver timely and appropriate feedback and assessments to students in support of their continued progress.
    Provide instruction, feedback, and assessment of clinical skills as assigned
    Serve as a mentor to an assigned cadre of medical students to facilitate their professional growth and identity formation
    Participate in service to the college, university and community
    As a role-model, demonstrate professionalism and collegiality with all members of the academic and clinical communities