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  • Pre-Med and Allied Health Professions Advisor & Coordinator, Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)

    The Pre-Med & Allied Health Professions Coordinator will advise all undergraduate majors in the CPHHS (Human Development and Family Sciences, Public Health, Kinesiology, and Nutrition) and students who want to pursue the professional path of medicine. This person will also serve as a significant resource for other CPHHS advisors and faculty on issues related to preparation and application for clinical healthcare professions, which include, but are not limited to, physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, nursing, athletic training, dietetics, chiropractic, and naturopathy.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Providing academic advising services to undergraduate students in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.
    • Coordinating the recruiting, preparation, and application experiences of students pursuing pre-med and allied health career paths.

    55% Pre-Med and Allied Health Professional Liaison
    • Act as primary assigned academic advisor for PHHS students and alumni identifying and progressing toward medical school or a health profession as a career goal.
    • Provide information and support for standardized test preparation, application essays, and all application processes, including the selection of schools.
    • Serve on OSU Pre-med Committee and other committees where appropriate.
    • Open and maintain medical school application files for students choosing to work through the PHHS Pre-med Hub.
    • Write informed and individualized committee letters for approved applicants and retain incoming letters from all evaluators.
    • Maintain an accessible database tracking the number of students pursuing a pre-med and allied health track in the college (all majors), acceptances to medical school, PA, PT, OT, and nursing admissions, and provide an annual data-focused report to academic leadership.
    • Stay abreast of prerequisites in other allied health professional programs (particularly Pre-Med, PT, OT, nursing, and PA) concerning admissions, applications, career trends, and competitive applicant characteristics.
    • Offer informational workshops for students interested in learning about pathways in PT, OT, PA, medicine, and nursing.
    • Organize all aspects of the annual spring Mock MMI Event and collaborate with other colleges and units to offer the event to OSU pre-med students.

    40% Advise and Mentor Students for Academic Success and Degree Progress:
    • Provide one-on-one academic advising to undergraduate CPHHS students, including prospective students.
    • Individualize student selection of appropriate courses and concentrations regarding students’ stated preferences.
    • Resolve problems related to curriculum and course prerequisites.
    • Mentor students on academic warning, probation, and suspension, constructing a plan of action for resolution and successful integration.
    • Initiate and maintain MyDegrees notes to track student progress, decisions, and advising conversations. Add electronic files as appropriate to OnBase, updating and evaluating files as new information is received.
    • Review and assess transcripts, including evaluation of transfer credits and applicability of academic credit to program requirements.
    • Exhibit positive regard, care, concern, and respect for students, families, and colleagues via listening and interpersonal skills.
    • Counsel students to overcome barriers to progress toward degree completion.
    • Academically evaluate student files to ensure deadlines are met for completing various graduation requirements such as course completion, credit maximums and minimums, and other specific program requirements and communicate evaluation to students.
    • Engage in proactive outreach efforts to maximize student retention, focusing on registration tasks, application deadlines, and academic performance.
    • Compose and create materials supporting group and/or individual recruitment and retention efforts. Attend and participate in individual and group activities and/or orientations and other information dissemination sessions.
    • Deliver oral presentations, differentiating content to meet the audience’s specific needs. Prepare and deliver presentations to represent academic faculty and programs at outreach presentations.
    • Collaborate with faculty, campus partners, and college and university administrators by providing requested data, recommendations, and feedback regarding course access and barriers to student success.

    5% Other:
    • Other duties as required by the Head Advisor.

    To see the full description of responsibilities and qualification requirements, please follow the link below.