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  • Program Director, Barry University (Miami, FL)

    Barry University College of Nursing and Health Sciences is seeking a Program Director for the Biomedical Sciences and the Clinical Biology programs for the spring 2022 semester (negotiable timeline).The Director is responsible for the planning, direction and administration of the Master of Biomedical Sciences & Clinical Biology programs. The Program Director will perform duties that support the Mission Statement and Core Commitments of Barry University.

    1. Assists in the planning, direction, and administration of the Barry University Master of Biomedical Sciences & Clinical Biology programs.
    2. Participates in developing and maintaining policies and procedures that are consistent with the overall Mission Statement of the University and Programs, and that comply with accreditation standards and other regulatory agencies.
    3. Participates in the development and implementation of a strategic plan that includes the accreditation, regulatory, instructional, and budgetary components of both programs.
    4. Plans each program’s budget to support academic quality in a fiscally responsible manner.
    5. Monitors and evaluates program quality, outcomes, and possible risk exposures. This includes training, evaluation, and revision of policies as appropriate.
    6. Prepares, evaluates, and reviews program documents including the catalog, application forms, recruitment brochures, website, master class schedule, course outlines, and didactic and clinical evaluation forms.
    7. Performs duties related to faculty and staff recruitment to foster a positive environment: application, interview, acceptance, and counseling activities. This may include attendance at job fairs, educational seminars, or any other activities related to this duty.
    8. Counsels and assists students as needed. Serves as an academic advisor for an assigned population of students within BMS but is also available to all students for program guidance, professional school counseling, writing letters of recommendation, etc.
    9. Performs other duties as assigned by the Dean or Associate Dean to serve as a role model for collaborative leadership.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    1. Earned doctorate degree/DO/MD/DDS from a regionally accredited university.
    2. Must hold a rank of Assistant/Associate/Full Professor.
    3. Previous experience in a higher education position as Chair/Assistant Director/Director is preferred.
    4. Must be willing to travel to support assigned aspects of the job.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    1. Strong organizational skills.
    2. Excellent communication skills in both verbal and written communication.
    3. Ability to plan ahead and anticipate needs and adapt to changes as new information becomes available.
    4. Strong computer skills and proficiency with MS applications.
    5. Able to maintain confidential information, records and processes.

    Inquiries should be sent: Dr. Chandra, Associate Dean, College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Barry University, Miami Shores, FL 33161. Email: