Committee Description

The Governance Committee is responsible to the NAAHP Board of Directors to ensure board effectiveness and maximum participation and performance; to ensure board policies are being observed; to maintain board and national office governing documents, including but not limited policy and procedure manuals, by-laws, and performance review documents; to implement board development and growth opportunities throughout the year; and to ensure that all new Board members receive orientation to their role and responsibilities.

The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the NAAHP Board of Directors. In addition to the Chair, the membership comprises at least one member from each region with up to eight total members. One member must also serve on the NAAHP Executive Committee.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Development of a teleworking policy for national office staff
  • Approval of creation of NAAHP Post-baccalaureate Committee 
  • Oversight for creation of succession planning documents for the NAAHP
  • Updates and continual upkeep of NAAHP policies and procedures manual and by-laws

How to Get Involved

To learn more contact Francie Cuffney, Committee Chair.

Resources & Additional Information