Awards and Recognition

Committee Description

The Awards and Recognition Committee is charged with overseeing NAAHP awards and recognitions—in particular, the Carol Baffi-Dugan Service Awards.

Carol Baffi-Dugan Award Information

The Carol Baffi-Dugan Award for Service is a leadership award presented at each NAAHP National Meeting. The award’s namesake is a long-term NAAHP leader who, through her selfless commitment to both her Regional Association and NAAHP, has set an example of dedicated service for all to follow. 

The award is designated for one member of each Regional Association. Awards are presented during the opening plenary at the National Meeting. In years where no candidate is forwarded from a Region, no award for that Region will be presented.

Manner of Selection

Regional Associations will select the awardee, whose name will be forwarded to the Carol Baffi-Dugan Award Committee. The selection process may be unique in each region, but it is recommended that each Regional Board approve the selectee. A point person from each Regional Association will be designated to communicate with the award committee.

Criteria for Selection

It is highly recommended that Regional Associations use the following criteria when selecting potential awardees:

1. Service to the Regional Association
Candidates should have demonstrated significant service to the Regional Association through one or more of the following: Board service, committee work, liaison work or other substantial measures of time and commitment.

2. Service to NAAHP
Candidates should have demonstrated significant service to NAAHP through one or more of the following: Board service, committee work, liaison work or other substantial measures of time and commitment.

3. Dedication and Selfless Commitment
Candidates who contribute selflessly and are motivated by what is best for their Regional Association and NAAHP, rather than personal or professional advancement considerations, should receive priority in the selection process.


Individuals who are currently serving on either their Regional Association Board of Directors, or on the NAAHP Board of Directors, are ineligible for the award during the time they are currently serving. Receipt, or potential receipt, of a Regional award for service or advising does not make a candidate ineligible for the Carol Baffi-Dugan Award.

Carol Baffi-Dugan Service Award Recipients


  • Robby Bowen, Louisiana State University, SAAHP
  • Chuck Hauck, University of Iowa, CAAHP
  • Connie O'Hara, St. Joe's College, NEAAHP
  • Linda Stoddard, Colorado State, WAAHP


  • Ruth Bingham, University of Hawaii at Manoa, WAAHP
  • Robert Cannon, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, SAAHP
  • David Owen, Indiana University Bloomington, CAAHP
  • Debi Swarner, Dickinson College, NEAAHP


  • Debrah Beck, University of North Texas, SAAHP
  • Jodi Domsky, Haverford College, NEAAHP
  • Larry Garrison-Sullivan, Avila University, CAAHP
  • Chere Pereira, Oregon State University, WAAHP

How to Get Involved

Interested advisors should contact Joon Kim.
Questions, comments, and suggestions are welcomed.