Additional Details

  • Assistant Professor - Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)

    This PA program principal faculty position encompasses teaching, scholarship, service, academic advising, evaluation, course coordination and sequencing within the program.  Additional responsibilities in this role remain consistent with other principal program faculty holding the rank of Assistant Professor. These are described as follows:
    Actively participate in classroom teaching, instruction, and evaluation of (undergraduate and graduate) students.
    Actively participate in designing, implementing, coordinating, and evaluating courses and curriculum within the PA program, and the College of Health sciences and Technology (CHST), as applicable.
    Provide ongoing evaluation and outcome analysis of PA students, curriculum, remediation, course content and sequencing, etc. as related to the process of ongoing assessment and continual improvement of the program.
    Participate in ongoing accreditation activities, ongoing and continuous course and program assessment, evaluation, and review.
    Work with Program Director, professional staff, and additional principal faculty in preparation of accreditation reports, Self-Study materials and application for ongoing accreditation and program reviews, as applicable.
    Maintain current professional certification and New York State licensure (or eligibility).
    Pursuit of scholarship, through various activities, with a plan for dissemination of work. “Scholarship” at RIT will encompass four elements:*RIT Policies and Procedures Manual, Policy E4.
    o Scholarship of discovery: When faculty use their professional expertise to discover knowledge, invent, or create original material. Using this definition, basic research as well as, for example, the creation of innovative computer software, plays or artwork would be considered the scholarship of discovery.
    o Scholarship of teaching/pedagogy: When faculty engage in the scholarship of teaching practice through peer-reviewed activities to improve pedagogy. Using this definition, a faculty member who studies and investigates student learning to develop strategies that improve learning has engaged in the scholarship of teaching.
    o Scholarship of integration: When faculty use their professional expertise to connect, integrate, and synthesize knowledge. Using this definition, faculty members who take research findings or technological innovations and apply them to other situations would be engaging in the scholarship of integration.
    o Scholarship of application: When faculty uses their professional expertise to engage in applied research, consultation, technical assistance, policy analysis, program evaluation or similar activities to solve problems. This definition recognizes that new intellectual understandings arise out of the act of application.                                                        
    Participate in local, regional, and/or national professional organizations and attend meetings when possible.
    Maintain current clinical expertise by practicing, or gaining clinical exposure, in a local hospital, clinic, or private practice, when applicable and contingent on negotiation with Program Director and Dean.
    Serve as a liaison to the local PA and medical communities.
    Provide formal academic advisement and counseling, documentation, and remedial instruction to PA students.
    Development, review, and revision, as necessary, of the mission statement of the program. 
    Participate in PA program meetings, recruitment and admission processes of prospective students, PA Program Annual Awards and Coating Ceremony, and graduation events.
    Participate as an active member of the PA Faculty Board and PA Admissions Board
    Meet with prospective students and their families in providing an overview of the PA Program and profession.
    Participate in ongoing continuous assessment and other program accreditation work and site visits, when applicable.
    Participate in committee assignments, at the College of Health Sciences and Technology and University level (when applicable).
    Voluntary community activities are strongly encouraged by the College of Health Sciences and Technology and the University.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Master's degree required, doctoral degree preferred.
    Experience in clinical and/or didactic medical or PA education preferred.
    Certified graduate of an accredited program in Physician Assistant or possess a MD or DO degree.
    Current professional certification and New York State licensure (or eligibility).
    Minimum of three years of professional (clinical) experience.             
    Ability to contribute in meaningful ways to the college’s continuing commitment to cultural diversity, pluralism, and individual differences.