Additional Details

  • Sr. Health Prof. Coach, University of Texas (Austin, Texas)

    The University of Texas Health Professions Office is hiring!

    Looking for passionate, driven, and student-centered applicants for a Senior Health Professions Coach position! This job is full of variety and fun as you work with pre- health professional undergraduates starting out on their journey.

    Bring in your advising, event-planning, and supervising skills to the table and expect a mixture of the following:

    • One-on-one appointments with students
    • Presentations to audiences at and interested in UT-Austin
    • Student peer team management
    • Health Professions Fair planning
    • Conferences for professional development

    This office loves collaboration AND the ability to lead projects on our own. This is the best of both worlds so take a chance and check out the job description below. We can’t wait to hire you!

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Master’s degree and three years of experience in academic advising, career services, or pre-health professions advising.

    Demonstrated project management abilities, interpersonal skills, professional demeanor and excellence in oral and written communication.

    Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative team environment.

    Capable of researching and developing content, interactive exercises, and applying effective teaching methods for topics in professionalism and health professions for credit-bearing courses.

    Must be able to occasionally travel, including overnight travel. Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Master’s degree or higher and more experience than above.

    Experience as a health professions advisor in a university environment.

    Experience working with health professional and graduate schools.

    Experience planning large and small scale events.