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  • Assistant Director, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)

    Job Description:
    The Assistant Director of Enrollment Management will serve as a member of the enrollment management team and is responsible for activities related to student recruitment, admissions and onboarding for Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine master’s, doctoral and certification programs. As the key liaison across multiple academic programs (graduate and doctoral), the assistant director will design and execute the strategy for each program’s short- and longer-term enrollment targets and leverage opportunities to implemented recruitment and enrollment-related initiatives. This position will also work with program directors and leadership to realize annual application and enrollment targets (quantitative and qualitative) for each program. Under the supervision and direction of the executive director of enrollment management and strategic initiatives, this position will work with University Marketing and Communications staff to detail distinctive program strengths and identify promising audiences for print and digital outreach. Once prospective candidates are identified, the assistant director serves as a primary point of contact for the program staff to best develop strategies to answer questions, explain the admissions process and otherwise inspire candidates to apply and, if accepted, to enroll. Finally, the assistant director will be responsible for strategic design and operationalizing enrollment management initiatives (e.g., email campaigns, student ambassador program management, project manage collateral, interview processes, open house opportunities, campus visits, admissions notification process and identify opportunities to maintain follow up communications to applicant and admitted students) with support from program administrative staff. The assistant director will analyze enrollment metrics throughout the cycles and prepare post-enrollment analyses along with recommendations for initiatives further improve key metrics (application volumes, yield and melt management) and student experience. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS As a member of the enrollment management team, participate actively in discussions of emergent strategic issues as well as longer-term plans for academic program’s ongoing growth and development. Engage in more tactical conversations involving informational updates, decisions related to execution of program-related activities. Provide both enrollment management team and academic program data, insights and recommendations for approaches to increase conversion rates of prospective students from expressing interest in the program via inquiry, to applying to the program and then, if admitted, enrolling in the program. (10%) Create annual enrollment plan, mapping out initiatives for each program within a recruitment cycle. Analyze and report year-end results (quantitative and qualitative data) and trends in applications, admissions and enrollment to inform development of that year’s goals regarding the size and composition of the applicant pool—as well as admitted and enrolled student pools per program. Share frequent goal updates with executive director of enrollment management and program directors. Coordinate with leadership team on opportunities to participate in open house events, academic fairs, manage online information sessions, promote program/faculty events to prospective students and follow-up with leads personally generated and yielded from marketing. (20%) Collaborate with University Marketing and Communications to inform its efforts to develop multi-channel campaigns that: (a) raise awareness of the master’s, doctoral, or certification programs among potential applicants, (b) highlight the program’s most appealing and distinctive qualities; and (c) ultimately inspire them to engage directly to seek more information. Maintain ongoing communication with University Marketing and Communications to enable timely adjustments to message content and audience targeting that enhance the effectiveness of marketing outreach. Once prospective students contact the program, begin one-on-one engagement, including providing additional information, answering questions, connecting prospects with appropriate faculty and/or ambassadors, etc. For those students who apply, provide information and context gleaned from earlier interactions to admissions committee members. Advise and project manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) communication campaigns, plans, workflows and related CRM tasks to achieve enrollment goals for all programs. (20%) Responsibilities include key oversight and nuanced understanding of data input and output of the various School of Medicine graduate programs CRM systems. Develop queries for all doctoral, master’s and certificate programs directly impacting School of Medicine admissions, events and enrollment operations. Create and generate School of Medicine Enrollment and Departmental Leadership weekly longitudinal enrollment funnel reports. Oversight of data integrity and accuracy to optimize enrollment initiatives. Diagnose problems found with data and recommend solutions. (15%) Identify opportunities to optimize applicant experience via the interview process and admission process. Implement processes with individual programs aimed to create a positive applicant experience (e.g., calling and following up with newly admitted students, strategically align enrollment deposit deadlines with department goals, manage frequent communications post-admissions to gauge enrollment likelihood, project manage creation and maintaining of print and electronic admissions and enrollment materials. Provide departments with streamlined and consistent resources for onboarding initiatives (e.g., living in Cleveland, next steps post-enrolling decision, preparing for start of classes). (10%) In consultation and direction from the executive director of enrollment management and strategic initiatives, identify and execute special projects that support program priorities. These projects may include such efforts as: (1) engaging colleges and universities that have been consistent sources of promising applicants to explore opportunities to formalize relationships (as one example, through articulation agreements), applying insights from such schools to identify and build relationships with other potential ‘feeder’ institutions; (2) developing strategies to establish continuing pipelines of qualified applicants through collaborations with national organizations such as the medical scribe network, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions, Association of American Medical Colleges and these organizations’ regional and local chapters and offices; (3) launching initiatives to create connection and consistency among programs through such activities as similar admissions processes and post-admissions follow up protocols, allowing for program strength to be presented with a unified and branded university. (4) tracking recruitment initiatives and activities, benchmarking against similar efforts by activities peer and aspirant programs and recommend adjustments to enhance the competitiveness of the master’s, doctoral and certificate programs. (20%) NONESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Perform other duties as assigned. (5%) Continue to learn about emerging initiatives to yield students to our programs, by participating in professional development opportunities and enthusiasm for staying up to date on higher education trends and communication strategies across the industry. (<1%) Actively participate in and maintain familiarity with the School of Medicine’s mission and strategic plan. (<1%)

    Minimum Qualifications:
    QUALIFICATIONS Experience: Minimum of 4 years of related experience required. Experience working with education programs in a recruiting, admissions, or equivalent role preferred. Slate CRM experience preferred. Education/Licensing: Bachelor’s degree required. Master’s degree preferred.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Master’s degree preferred. Slate CRM experience preferred.