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Central Association of Advisors for the Health Professions
CAAHP Research Grant Application Information

The CAAHP Board of Directors wishes to support research that contributes to the field of Pre-Health Professional Advising. To this end, the CAAHP Board of Directors has set aside funding for up to two (2) $750.00 research grants to be awarded in 2023.

The recipient(s) of the 2023 CAAHP Research Grant will be recommended by the 2023 CAAHP Research Grant Committee to the entire CAAHP Board of Directors. Applicants may submit only one application. Applicants are required to be members of CAAHP (outside collaborators are fine). Complete the research grant application completely, and submit all materials by the deadline for consideration.

 Selection will be based on the following criteria, (not presented in any rank order):

(a.)           Number of grant proposals from one school (e.g., one research grant per school as a priority)

(b.)           Applicant(s) is a health professions advisor

(c.)           Degree to which responses to questions comply with instructions

(d.)           Professional form of responses (e.g., responses should be free of numerous mechanical errors and instances of inappropriate diction), and

(e.)           Appraisal by the 2023 CAAHP Research Grant Committee of the following areas:

1.     The general purpose and specific objectives of the project

2.     The probable benefits to health professions advising

3.     What results or products expected to be generated from the project

4.     Methodologies, equipment, or resources that are used to bring the endeavor to fruition

All expenses involved in the project will be reimbursed after expenditures or purchases have occurred. The CAAHP Research Grant may not be used as additional salary for the award recipient. Some previous examples of the use of CAAHP Research Grant awards include hiring a student assistant to assist with research, purchasing an account with Survey Monkey or Statistical Software, and compensation for transcribing assistance.

It is recommended that the recipient of the CAAHP Research Grant submit the results of the project for publication in the Advisor. However, the recipient of the CAAHP Research Grant is not required to do so and there is no guarantee or other arrangement that the work will be accepted for publication in the Advisor.

The CAAHP Board of Directors is pleased to be able to offer this opportunity for a research grant to advisors and hopes to continue this support. The CAAHP reserves the right to make changes to the CAAHP Research Grant Application and Selection Procedures.

On Behalf of the CAAHP Board of Directors,

Christopher Hamilton

Bradley Rabquer

CAAHP President

Research Grant Committee Chair