CAAHP Purpose and Mission

The Central Association of Advisors for the Health Professions serves as the voice of health professions advisors in our region. CAAHP is an organization committed to the professional development of advisors for the health professions. We provide opportunities to share information and experiences, debate issues, and establish professional relationships for the benefit of the students we serve.

CAAHP is composed of professionals from colleges and universities. We are faculty, staff, and administrators; we are full-time and part-time advisors; we advise for one profession or for the entire spectrum of health professions. Yet, we share a common bond through our roles as advisors for the health professions in the twelve-state region. This region includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. CAAHP is one of four regional associations that comprise the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP).


  • CAAHP strives to build a community of culturally competent advisors committed to the holistic development of students.
  • We promote equity and access in the education and development of each student’s unique path towards becoming a healthcare professional.
  • We introduce students to the breadth of health professions and interprofessionalism.
  • We hold ourselves and our students to a high standard of ethical behavior.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

CAAHP is an organization committed to sharing values of diversity and inclusion in order to achieve and sustain excellence.  We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of members and by creating a climate of respect that fosters equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels and throughout all programs.

This climate for diversity, inclusion and excellence is critical to attaining the best health professions advising, service to our respective institutions, colleagues and students, and the strategic goals of this organization.

Taken together these values are recognized and supported fully by CAAHP at all levels of membership. Further, we recognize that the responsibility for excellence, diversity and inclusion lies with all of us as CAAHP members, leaders, advisors, faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

CAAHP Statement of Ethical Principles for Advisors

CAAHP Strategic Goals:

  1. Increasing CAAHPacity of our Membership by reaching out to advisors from community colleges and underrepresented states.
  2. CAAHPitalizing on Our Internal Expertise by having more engagement from all CAAHP membership beyond conferences.
  3. CAAHPturing data: increasing evidence based advising through research practices.
  4. Maintaining CAAHPtivating Communication Channels: Improving communication to and amongst advisors (e.g. website, social media, newsletter).