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We are the only organization exclusively dedicated to the needs of the health professions advisor. Here you will find information about our national organization, its mission, membership, meetings, and publications along with links to numerous health professions advising resources and services.
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Highlights Related to Health Professions Advising

RWJF Releases Qualitative Report on Interprofessional Collaboration

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) recently issued a report that helps hospitals assess the potential benefits of interprofessional collaboration and offers a guide for implementation. Lessons From the Field: Promising Interprofessional Collaboration Practices profiles the experiences of more than 20 hospitals and community health centers in the United States that have achieved better patient outcomes. One of the key findings from the report suggests that institutions create a level playing field that enables team members to work at the top of their licenses.

From AAMC Stat March 23, 2015.

Posted 3/23/2015

Building the Evidence Base for Naturopathic Medicine

CCNM is excited to embark on new research endeavors that will help open the door to how naturopathic and conventional medicine can work together to better health outcomes. This past October, CCNM, the Ottawa Integrative Centre (OICC) and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) received a record $3.85M grant that will study the use of integrative treatments for esophageal, gastric and lung cancer patients who will undergo surgery.

Click here to continue reading about CCNM and OICC.

Posted 3/18/2015

The MCAT Response from the AAMC.

Dear Advisors,

I want to provide an update about last week’s MCAT registration opening and address some of your concerns. Similar to past years and as I mentioned last week, certain locations and dates filled up quickly. In this inaugural year of the new exam, many, many students bravely registered for the early testing dates. As we’ve all seen, May proved to be extremely popular.

While we will not be able to add additional dates to the schedule, we are working to make improvements for your students and to use the lessons from last week’s opening to prepare for the next registration opening in late April for the July, August and September exams.

We very much care about your role as advisors and want to work together to make sure you have the information you need to best advise your students. Below are a few important points to make with your students:

  • Please encourage your students to check the Scheduling & Registration system frequently as seats may open up with score releases for the final January administrations and as registration deadlines approach. Some students who took the old exam are holding seats for the new exam and are likely to release their seats if satisfied with their scores. The system is updated in real time.
  • For those examinees who are testing in June, we will now provide them with estimated percentiles two to three weeks after they test so they can use the information to decide where to apply (or whether to retest). June scores will be reported three weeks after the first applications are released to medical schools. We hope that the early percentile information will simplify planning for June examinees, as it will for April and May examinees.
  • Our team will reach out to the admissions community to make them aware that they will be seeing more applications with new scores a little later in their application cycles because of the increased demand for early testing dates.
  • You may check seat availability. You may create an account in the Scheduling & Registration system yourself by clicking on the “Register for the MCAT exam” tab in the top right corner of the MCAT website. Use your AAMC login and password to access the system. While you may peruse the site to check availability, students must register themselves so please do not submit payment for a seat.
  • You may want to remind your students to keep preparing for the exam in case a seat does become available. As you know, the Khan Academy includes free tutorials for the concepts the new exam tests and the AAMC offers several other free and low-cost preparation products as well.
I hope that this information helps you and your students. My AAMC colleagues and I look forward to working with you to provide good service to your students. The MCAT team will provide regular updates throughout the registration period so that you can be the first to provide your students with the most timely and useful information.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Warm Regards,

Judy & the MCAT Team

Posted 3/4/2015


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VirtualEvals is a system that was created by a health professions advisor and a medical school admissions officer to help health professions advisors transmit letters of evaluation to health profession schools in a secure, confidential, and efficient manner.

Click here for information regarding VirtualEvals


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