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Addressing Diversity - Veterinary Medicine

DiVersity Matters

The DiVersity Matters initiative of the AAVMC continues to raise awareness about the importance and need for increased racial and ethnic diversity within veterinary medicine. In the first full year of the initiative, the percentage of underrepresented minority students in US colleges of veterinary medicine grew by over .5%. More concrete data is also collected concerning faculty within the colleges.

The Association continues to increase visibility in communities of color by exhibiting at national conferences, hosting career fairs and developing targeted informational brochures including the new, “Caring for Your Community” brochure which features African American veterinarians and veterinary students. Upcoming DiVersity Matters projects include the release of findings from the benchmarking survey conducted earlier this year and a mailing of the Veterinary Medical School Application Requirements book to targeted minority serving institutions. More information about the initiative can be found on the DiVersity Matters page of the AAVMC website.

Underrepresented No More

A diversity and inclusion focus created by Alex Avelino from the University of Florida CVM, Underrepresented No More,, is an interactive, multimedia website of resources for all pre-vet students.