Renew Your Membership

Important Renewal Information

AdobeStock_84478229.jpegAll memberships, regardless of purchase date, expire on October 31st annually.

If you renew your membership today, your membership will expire October 31, 2021.

NAAHP membership cycles begins annually on November 1stRenewal notices are automatically distributed every September.

  • The renewal form will pull details from your current profile and there will not be as many criteria for you to complete upon renewing.
  • If you choose "Pay Later" you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice attached. You are responsible for forwarding the invoice to the accounts payable department at your university/association.
  • Your NAAHP membership will automatically terminate if payment is not received within 30 days.

Renew your Membership

The application for renewal is available to those who have a current member profile or a profile that has been lapsed for less than a year. You will not be able to complete the application linked below if:

  • your membership has been lapsed for over a year,
  • you do not have a current member profile, or
  • you are trying to apply as a mew member.
Please contact the national office or Membership Specialist, Tesha White, with questions about renewing your membership.

Renew Current Membership