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  • Assistant Director UICOM -University of Illinois College of Medicine - Chicago, IL

    Job Description: The College of Medicine (COM) at the University of Illinois is seeking qualified candidates for a full-time Assistant Director for Medical College Admissions. Under the supervision of the Director of Admissions, the individual in this position will be responsible for administering programs that support the recruitment of highly qualified and diverse applicants for entry to the Medical Doctor (M.D.) program for three campuses at Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford.

    • Responsibilities include counseling and advising potential applicants on admissions requirements for college and special programs.
    • Provide initial contact with applicants who call, email, and/or come to the Office of Medical College Admissions (OMCA) seeking assistance and triage applicant requests, if appropriate, to appropriate resources.
    • Travel to and staff regional and national admissions fairs sponsored by the Association of American Medical Colleges and/or the College of Medicine to support the recruitment of a highly qualified and diverse group of applicants.
    • Provide outreach and function as a liaison to premedical advisors at various colleges and universities to ensure that they are updated about admissions standards and requirements, and the college’s education programs.
    • Coordinate with special curricular programs in the COM to identify, and communicate with,
    • potential applicants to those programs throughout the admissions cycle.
    • Work with COM website developers to maintain an easy-to-navigate and accurate website.
    • Contribute to other marketing efforts to ensure that potential applicants are well informed about the college.
    • Participate in college-wide admissions marketing strategy development.
    • Develop and propose initiatives to maximize the recruitment of admissions candidates by being
    • knowledgeable about such college information as, educational programs, particular highlights at each campus, cost of attendance and scholarships, in addition to providing insights to the college about the interests and needs of applicants.
    • Develop, in collaboration with admissions committee members, Director and Associate Dean, and oversee a standard process based on best practices for personal interviews for the purposes of admissions selection that emphasizes the quality of the process before, during and after the interview to further recruit interviewees.
    • Create training modules for faculty and medical student interviewers to ensure the interviews are
    • valid and reliable.
    • Provide direct support of college-wide materials to administrative staff at college campuses in order to implement an interview process that is comparable.
    • Develop, in collaboration with the admissions committee members, Director, and Associate Dean, and in consultation with the Department of Medical Education, interview materials (e.g., an applicant evaluation form) for use during the interviewing process.
    • Prepare presentation materials for Admissions Interview Day.
    • Coordinate dates for scheduling interview days and Second Look Days at the campuses.
    • Provide support for Chicago interview days and Second Look Day.
    • Oversee hiring and supervision of student employees, who assist with admissions interview days.
    • Staff the Interview and Marketing Subcommittees of the Admissions Committee.
    • Create budget for interview activities at all campuses.
    • Interpret unit, College, Campus and University policies, regulations and rules insofar as they affect the admissions process.
    • Prepare, analyze and present applicant data to propose new programs, policies and areas of need.
    • Work collaboratively with the Offices of the Dean and Advancement to identify student awards and scholarship opportunities. Staff College Committee for Student Awards and Scholarships.
    • Function as Director of OMCA as designated by the Assistant Dean in her absence.
    • Perform other related duties and participate in special projects as assigned.
    Minimum Qualifications: 
    Qualified candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in education administration, health sciences, business, or other related field. Or 5 to 7 years prior management experience in an institution of higher learning with experience in student affairs, preferably at a medical school.
    Strong knowledge of health professions, student development and academic programming.
    Working knowledge of university and college academic policies, financial aid policies, academic records, medical school entrance procedures and available student resources.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Masters Degree and direct experience with prehealth professions students or medical students. Any type of higher education experience working with students in an advising, recruitment, or teaching capacity