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  • Pre-Health Professions Program Coordinator - University of Idaho - Moscow, ID

    Job Description: The Pre-Health Professions Program Coordinator is responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating excellent service for University of Idaho pre-health professions students and alumni. These services include coordinating programming and events on and off campus for current and prospective students; supporting annual scholarship awards; overseeing the Pre-Health Professions Program budget; development and implementation of marketing strategies; supervising/mentoring a full-time pre-health professions advisor; and working with faculty, staff, and other campus and community partners in support of pre-health students’ personal, academic, and professional development. The Coordinator reports to the Associate Director for Advising (Student Success) and works with them to develop goals and objectives, policies, and practices and to make administrative decisions on areas as assigned above.

    Additionally, the Pre-Health Professions Program Coordinator serves as pre-health advisor for a targeted group of pre-health professions students, as designated based on student need. Services include helping students understand and assess their interests and aptitude relative to a health professions career, major exploration, course recommendations, suggestions for gaining relevant experience, and support with the professional school application process.

    Job Duties/Responsibilities:
    (50%) Providing advising and mentoring by:
    • Advising/assisting targeted health professions student populations, as deemed appropriate to meet student needs.
    • Providing individual advising, mentoring, and coaching for students on health profession career-related topics in person, by phone, email, and through Zoom/videoconferencing.
    • Designing and delivering group advising sessions/workshops and orientation programming targeted at pre-health students in various stages of the pre-health exploration and application process.
    • Helping students identify and sequence appropriate courses.
    • Providing guidance in finding clinical, volunteer and leadership experience.
    • Assisting students with the application process, including selecting schools, timing their applications, writing personal statements, preparing primary and secondary applications/essays; and preparing for interviews, in collaboration with Career Services and the Writing Center.
    • Guiding students in selecting academic majors that align with their parallel plan, assessing their academic abilities, and examining alternative careers.
    • Serving as staff advisor to pre-health student organizations, as deemed appropriate per targeted student populations, by mentoring officers and assisting in planning events.

    (20%) Coordinating recruiting and marketing by:
    • Leading pre-health professions recruiting and marketing efforts on UI campus.
    • Developing and implementing a comprehensive, university-wide marketing/recruiting plan that includes informational/promotional materials and student communications (letters, emails, brochures, web site, and other electronic media).
    • Collaborating with Campus Visits Office to coordinate meetings with prospective students and parents.
    • Meeting with students and hosting presentations on campus and regional, off-campus recruiting events (approximately 3-4 per academic year) as budget allows.
    • Developing and maintaining an accurate database of health professions students.

    (20%) Coordinating events, teaching and administration by:
    • Planning, organizing, and assisting with educational programs and workshops.
    • Supervising and mentoring a full-time pre-health professions advisor.
    • Developing and facilitating orientation programming for new pre-health professions students.
    • Collaborating with students, student organizations, student support services, Career Services, professional schools, faculty, department heads, and staff members in support of pre-health student personal, academic, and professional development.
    • Overseeing development and implementation of a pre-health peer mentor program.
    • Instructing a 1 credit Introduction to the Health Professions Course.
    • Collaborating with local resources to establish experiential learning opportunities for pre-med students.
    • Overseeing administration of Pre-Health Professions Studies minor, housed in the College of Science.
    • Facilitating information sessions for professionals from regional health professions schools that are of high interest to University of Idaho students.
    • Awarding Pre-Health/Pre-Med scholarships.
    • Annually assessing health profession program.
    • Maintaining data base of current students and alumni.
    • Monitoring success of graduates in admission to professional and graduate school.
    • Leading a Pre-Health Advisory Board to help engage campus and community support for student opportunities.

    (5%) Ensure professional development and growth by:
    • Building and maintaining professional knowledge in each health professions field, including relevant admission standards and policies, by studying program websites and reading latest monographs and articles about current issues in pre-health professions advising and related topics.
    • Maintaining membership in NAAHP professional association.
    • Maintaining membership in UIACADA and NACADA as budget allows.
    • Maintaining professional networks on and off campus.
    • Attending professional conferences (WAAHP and NAAHP) as budget allows.

    (5%) Contributes to University Advising Services team effort by:
    • Actively participating in University Advising Services meetings, trainings, and orientations.
    • Collaborating with student organizations, student support services, Career Services, professional schools, faculty, department heads, and staff members in support of student success initiatives.
    • Providing excellent customer support to internal and external parties.
    • Serving as a back-up academic advisor as needed during peak advising times or staff transition.
    • Completing other duties as assigned by Executive Director of Student Success Initiatives or Associate Director for Advising (Student Success).

    Minimum Qualifications:
    • Master’s degree
    • One (1) year supervisory experience.
    • Experience delivering student-centered customer service.
    • Experience compiling and analyzing information.
    • Experience presenting information clearly and concisely to a diverse audience.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    • One or more years supervising professional staff.
    • Familiarity with/knowledge of the health professions.
    • Experience with health professions advising in higher education.
    • Experience managing programs.
    • Proven excellence in public speaking skills.
    • Knowledge of University of Idaho academic rules and regulations for undergraduate advising.