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  • Director of Health Professions Outreach Center - Augusta University - Augusta, Georgia

    Job Description: (Job ID Posting # 217390) The Director of the Health Professions Outreach Center will create a new service unit for AU students who wish to pursue a health professions degree program and ultimately be successfully able to enter a health profession’s field of work. The Director will create programming aimed providing advice and counsel to two distinct populations of students:

    1. Prospective and current undergraduate students interested in pursuing undergraduate study in health sciences; 
    2. Undergraduate students interested in graduate health profession programs.

    The Director will ensure the Center develops into and serves as a knowledgeable resource for students who can expertly represent the various pre-requisites and requirements of the destination programs and also become a reliable partner for the colleges’ that offer these programs of study.  

    The Director will also develop programming aimed at supporting the students’ success in the admissions applications processes, development of composite letters, test preparation, and development of interview skills.  

    The Director is not expected to build each of these services within the Center, but partner with other services to leverage resources that would be beneficial to the students.  Therefore, the Director must have a record of success in building strategic coalitions and serving as a connector across organizational boundaries. 

    The duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Program Design and Implementation: Articulates the vision, mission, and philosophy of the program and explains how pre-health advising contributes to achieving the vision, mission, and philosophy of the institution. Provides leadership for the Health Professions Outreach and Advising Center with a mission to develop and deliver timely, supportive health professions advising and outreach services to students. Develops and maintains a pre-health advising syllabus that articulates the program’s mission, curriculum, student learning outcomes, and advisor and student responsibilities. Develops a system for training new pre-health advisors, and develops and maintains appropriate training materials. Select, train, and supervise Health Professions Peer Mentors. Teach at least one INQR 1000 Health Professions focused section per year. Develops the goals, tactics, and expected outcomes of the unit in accordance with the AU planning process.
    • Relationship Management: Manages the program's internal and external relationships by serving as the program's spokesperson, operating in partnership with other student and advising services on campus, and ensuring the program serves the needs of the pre-health population, the institution, and the community. Chairs the Health Professions Advisory Committee developing collaborative relationships with faculty in the academic colleges. Collaboration with the Academic Advising Center, Career Services, Academic Admissions, the Area Health Education Center Program and Regional Offices, advisors, and mentors.
    •Operations: Manages available resources and advocates as needed for additional resources. Manages the program office efficiently, maintains accurate and confidential student records, and develops advising initiatives, programs, and services as needed. Develops and implements policies and procedures for Health Professions Advising. Assess the effectiveness of the Center including tracking student satisfaction/outcomes, acceptance rates, professional school placements, available employment information, etc. Tracks the pre-health population and maintains statistics about the population and program. Facilitates collaborative grant writing to identify additional funding sources and opportunities.
    • Professional Development: Develops a personal professional development plan with short- and long-term career goals. Engages regularly in professional development and scholarship, both as a member of the institution’s academic community and as a member of the local, regional, and national pre-health advising communities. Mentors and supports the development of staff resources within the unit.
    • Performs all other related duties/tasks as needed.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Master’s degree from an accredited college or university and 5 years' experience in a university setting with relevant pre-health advising experience.

    It is critical to the success of the position that key stakeholders view the Director as a knowledgeable partner and supportive colleague in developing and implementing processes and strategies to ensure student success.

    This experience should include the demonstrated ability to lead and work successfully in a relational structure with all academic leaders, faculty, staff, and students in promoting collaboration within a complex higher education institutional setting.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in higher education, counseling, or a health related field; experience launching a new service offering and office.