Committee Description

After existing on a more informal basis for a number of years as a Special Interest Group, the Postbac Program Committee has recently been officially recognized by the NAAHP as a standing committee. Still in the process of being formed, the Postbac Committee will work to represent the large and highly diverse population of postbac programs nationwide, and to educate health professions advisors about postbac programs so that they can best support their students in selecting and applying to programs.

The Committee consists of two co-chairs and two representatives from each of the four regions.

The committee's goals include working with the Membership Committee to compile a comprehensive list of postbac programs and encourage those who are not NAAHP members to join. With a more unified landscape, we will be able to work together to develop outreach and education tools, such as a Postbac Admission Requirements book (analogous to the Medical School Admission Requirements and other professions' publications) that would be a joint project with the Communications Committee. The Postbac Committee will assist in organizing panels, presentations and workshops at the regional and national meetings, where it will also provide structured time for postbac program directors to meet in order to discuss issues that affect us. Additionally, the Committee will seek to develop a robust array of advisor tools and educational materials related to postbac programs.

Recent Accomplishments

As a Special Interest Group, post-bac program directors organized and presented a panel at the 2018 NAAHP national meeting that was designed to help advisors understand the different ways that a diverse range of post-bac program types would evaluate applicants. Directors from a broad spectrum of programs—career changer, academic record enhancer, Special Master’s, part-time/flexible, and hybrid—met to share perspectives on current challenges.

How to Get Involved

When the membership of the Committee is finalized (as appointed by the NAAHP Board), people interested in becoming involved may contact any member. In the meantime, Betsy Merideth, co-chair, is at and is eager to receive any ideas, feedback, suggestions, or concerns.

Resources & Additional Information

An extensive FAQ about post-bac programs and a glossary of terms is here, along with several articles.
Student Post-Bac Information

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Betsy Merideth
Committee Co-Chair