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2020 Program Planning Committee

NAAHP National Conferences are planned and facilitated by members from all regions who share a deep love of advising health professions students and a strong desire to bring the best possible professional development experience to our colleagues. In working with the NAAHP national office, Executive Board and Advisory Board, we envision and create a ~5 day conference that offers opportunities for our members to engage in meaningful professional conversation, connect with health professions school colleagues and network with amazing colleagues across the country.

Recent Accomplishments

Having just enjoyed a fantastic 2018 NAAHP Conference, the 2020 Planning Team is in the process of making sure that the 2020 meeting meets and hopefully exceeds the high bar set in 2018.

How to Get Involved

If you want to get a taste for volunteering with our wonderful organization, helping with any of the NAAHP National Conferences (or your regional NEAAHP, CAAHP, SAAHP or WAAHP conferences) is an easy way to test the waters. There are tons of options to help in quick ways (like becoming a moderator for a session during the meeting) and more long term ways (supporting larger initiatives, like reviewing proposals). Bringing meaningful conferences to our members is a group effort! We’d love to have you with us.

Interested in getting involved or have an idea for the 2020 NAAHP National Meeting? Email Alex ( or Betsy (

Resources & Additional Information

As the meeting approaches, be sure to check out the National Meeting Page for more information.

This page will also provide you with access to past meeting resources.

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