How to Apply

Region Identification

This list will help you identify which region you need to choose when completing your application for either Advisor or Community College Advisor membership. Regional affiliations are based on where your institution is located.

State Regional
Alabama SAAHP
Alaska WAAHP
Arizona WAAHP
Arkansas SAAHP
California WAAHP
Colorado WAAHP
Connecticut NEAAHP
Delaware NEAAHP
Florida SAAHP
Georgia SAAHP
Hawaii WAAHP
Illinois CAAHP
Indiana CAAHP
Kansas CAAHP
Kentucky SAAHP
Louisiana SAAHP
Maryland NEAAHP
Massachusetts NEAAHP
Michigan CAAHP
Minnesota CAAHP
Mississippi SAAHP
Missouri CAAHP
Montana WAAHP
Nebraska CAAHP
Nevada WAAHP
New Hampshire NEAAHP
New Jersey NEAAHP
New Mexico WAAHP
North Carolina SAAHP
North Dakota CAAHP
Oklahoma SAAHP
Oregon WAAHP
Pennsylvania NEAAHP
Rhode Island NEAAHP
South Carolina SAAHP
South Dakota CAAHP
Tennessee SAAHP
Vermont NEAAHP
Virginia SAAHP
Washington WAAHP
Washington, D.C. NEAAHP
West Virginia SAAHP
Wisconsin CAAHP
Wyoming WAAHP

NOTICE: Read Before Applying


Please read the information pertaining to NAAHP membership categories carefully before submitting an application for membership.

NAAHP has six membership categories. To determine the correct category for which you should join, click the buttons to the left for information regarding qualification for each category.

All Memberships Expire October 31st, 2020

Applications for membership are subject to verification and approval. NAAHP requires a letter from your Dean, Direct Supervisor, Executive Director or Provost verifying your official title and role in health professions advising prior to approval for membership.  

The letter:

  • must be on your institution's letterhead,
  • include your official title,
  • have a brief statement on your role in health professions advising at your institution.

Application submissions will be reviewed within 10 business daysApplicants who select “Pay Later” must pay within 30 days of applying. Your membership will be activated when payment is received. 
Exceptions cannot be accommodated for the application and review process.

You will receive a welcome email when your membership is approved and activated.

If you submit a membership application that is incorrect, NAAHP will make any necessary adjustments to the submission and if there is a difference in cost, you will be invoiced for that difference and your membership will not be made active until the difference is paid in full.

For questions concerning the membership application process, or which membership type you qualify for, please contact Tesha White in the NAAHP national office.