Additional Details

  • Pre-Health Academic Advisor, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

    The pre-health academic advisor in the Newnan LSA Academic Advising Center is responsible for the individual engagement of students from orientation to graduation that is grounded in best practices and research in advising and student success. This advisor specializes in the advisement of undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring the health professions and preparing applications to medical, dental, veterinary, nursing, public health, and other health career professional programs. While advising students on a variety of college and university policies, resources, and programs, the pre-health academic advisor will also have responsibility for ongoing communication with advisees that encourages growth and development.

    The successful candidate will play a key role in motivating and inspiring LSA students to explore and invest in the educational and intellectual breadth and depth of a liberal arts education, both inside and outside of the classroom. They will be expected to build relationships not only with their advisees, but also across the college and university, in order to support the academic and personal experience of the undergraduate student. They will also be expected to cultivate and contribute to a culture that is welcoming, supportive, and responsive to the diverse identities of our students and staff.

    The pre-health academic advisor is expected to maintain an assigned caseload of students as well as advise other undergraduate and graduate students interested in the health professions. They are also expected to collaborate with a team of academic advisors within Newnan and across the university to provide support for students in the college and across the university.

    Individual Student Advising - Face to Face [Direct] (50%)
    • Assist students in their self-assessment of interests and skills pertinent to academic work, co-curricular interests, and career options
    • Help LSA advisees make connections between their coursework and the Liberal Arts
    • Advise and guide students as they consider and prepare for application to health career-related professional schools and programs.
    • Provide accurate information about College courses and curriculum
    • Inform students about College and University policies, procedures, resources and programs, and make referrals when appropriate
    • Advise students regarding course selection during the Summer, Fall, and Winter Orientation and Registration programs
    • Design and implement academic workshops and group advising sessions
    • Alert students to options and new opportunities consistent with their growth and development

    Individual Student Advising - Administrative Activities [Indirect] (30%)
    • Maintain timely and accurate records of interactions with students, referrals, exceptions to standard procedures, and decisions affecting degree progress
    • Maintain contact through email with advisees throughout their time at UM - respond to student inquiries; respond to progress reports; plan appropriate outreach to students in academic difficulty; provide targeted information to student cohorts through use of the query tool
    • Communicate with faculty and other administrators as needed

    Service to Newnan/Student Academic Affairs (20%)
    • Serve as a liaison to two or more science or pre-health-related UM academic units, schools, colleges, or administrative units
    • Represent the Newnan and/or the college by establishing and maintaining relationships with both internal and external schools, programs, and professional organizations related to the health professions
    • Contribute to the design and/or delivery of pre-health programming that responds to the current needs of students as well as current trends.
    • Contribute to the development and maintenance of print and web resources
    • Represent Newnan and/or the college at recruitment and retention activities and events
    • Serve on committees, task forces, and working groups as time and interests allow

    Minimum Qualifications
    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year university
    • Two years of college advising or counseling experience
    • Experience advising college students for application to advanced education and/or professional programs
    • Exhibited interest in advising college students interested in pre-health professions
    • Demonstrated ability to present in both individual and group settings
    • Strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, including experience working with students from diverse backgrounds and identities
    • Proven ability to successfully work in a collaborative team environment
    • Outstanding interpersonal skills with the ability to establish positive and respectful working relationships with students, staff, and faculty
    • Strong written and oral communication skills
    • Ability to maintain the integrity of confidential materials and student information

    Preferred Qualifications

    • Advanced degree in a liberal arts field, higher education, or area of study affording understanding of the undergraduate student experience
    • Degree in a science or health-related discipline
    • Experience advising college students for application to pre-health programs
    • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
    • Knowledge of the purposes and objectives of a liberal arts education
    • Familiarity with higher education student information systems and their applications in academic advising