Additional Details

  • Associate Director, University of California San Diego (La Jolla, CA)

    Duties / Responsibilities:
    Strong knowledge of career development theories, adult development theory, counseling process, career coaching techniques, career decision making, learning styles, and job search techniques.

    Thorough knowledge of needs assessment theory, processes, and practice; workshop and program design.

    Excellent organizational and time management skills to establish goals and prioritize workload of self and others; ability to meet strict deadlines; ability to work efficiently and effectively on multiple projects with competing deadlines; flexibility in dealing with people and competing demands; ability to manage details of complex projects and events and to independently follow through to successful completion.

    Thorough knowledge of academic, vocational, career programs and opportunities with the ability to apply theories and principles of higher education in a college structure.

    Proficient computer and web development experience and skills to apply and learn various programs (MS Office, spreadsheets, databases) and to lead website organization to accomplish outreach and intake and advising online. Ability to design and modify computer applications to meet program needs, problem identification, presentation skills, verbal communication, written communication, and organization skills.

    Strong oral and written communication and interpersonal skills to effectively work and interact with diverse groups and individual faculty, staff, students, university administrators and constituent organizations. Ability to make effective presentations to large and small groups.

    Effective interpersonal, group, and cross-cultural communication and leadership skills. Skill in leading, and promoting leadership within diverse populations, particularly students. Experience with group dynamics and ability to lead and facilitate effective group discussions and dialogue.

    Ability to work with people from diverse cultures. Proven competency and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion

    Demonstrated theoretical and practical knowledge of intergroup relations, social justice, student development, intercultural communication, and diversity.

    Skills and knowledge of program evaluation and assessment techniques, as well as policy analysis, and development.

    Basic knowledge and ability to work with fiscal related matters including budgets, expenditures, and reimbursement processes.

    Proven ability to design and implement innovative health focused career development programs that empower students to develop and utilize their self-awareness, professional development skills, and proven resources to identify and pursue their career goals.

    Minimum Qualifications:
    Bachelor’s degree in education, counseling, psychology, health science or health-related field and a minimum of three (3) years of work related to student advising/counseling activities in an academic setting or equivalent combination of education and experience.

    Preferred Qualifications:
    A strong candidate will have experience helping students and alumni navigate the pre-health path and ensure they become competitive applicants for their health professional school of choice. Also having knowledge of what it takes to be a successful applicant to medical, dental, pharmacy, PT/OT, nursing, veterinary, public health, and any other health professional school is beneficial.

    *Please note that the position description is general but it is specifically for pre-med/pre-health career advising.