Additional Details

  • MSJ HP Advisor, Mount St. Joseph University (Cincinnati, OH)

    Duties / Responsibilities
    • Evaluate individual students experiential skills and career goals to make appropriate recommendations related to the career path and graduate/professional school.
    • Develop and facilitate educational workshops, events, programs, and materials to meet educational outcomes and career-related needs of students and constituents.
    • Facilitate career coaching, advising, and co-op activities with stakeholders in assigned disciplines including pre-professional health programs. Offer general support for all disciplines offered at the University.
    • Recruit and prepare applicants from the assigned academic departments for co-op courses and roles.
    • Review reports, evaluate student progress, assign grades, follow-up, replace and assist in the revision of co-op student responsibilities when necessary.
    • Develop and maintain employer relationships to support co-op/internship/job search and career development needs of the assigned majors
    • Maintain notes, records, and course related information using University and career management software(s).
    • Provide orientation for new faculty coordinators and collaborate for assessment purposes every semester.
    • Initiate contact with potential employers to support direct patient care and shadowing requirements of assigned students; partner with graduate health sciences programs to support the creation of program pipelines.
    • Collaborate with faculty to design and present educational workshops and in-class seminars to meet the career-related needs of students.
    • Participate in and support the students career development through other departmental activities. Serve as point of contact/liaison for assigned schools, majors, and stakeholders.
    • Participate in the Cooperative Education Advisory Board.
    • Review reports, evaluate student progress, follow-up, and assist in admittance and tracking of students in the PA Scholars Program.
    • Serve as co-chair on the Health Professions Advisory Committee with a faculty member; serve on other university committees as needed.
    • Stay abreast of emerging trends related to education, employment, industry, and training; implement changes/enhancements as appropriate.
    • Track all data relevant to health professions advising, as outlined by the strategic plan, including (but not limited to): post-graduation outcomes, retention, event attendance, student enrollment in the HPAC list in myMount, etc.
    • Teach one CED course per semester.
    • Contributes to team effort by welcoming new and different work requirements; exploring new opportunities to enhance the services of the department; helping others accomplish related job results as and where needed.
    • Occasionally work weekends or in the evenings as necessary. Some local travel.
    • Perform additional duties as assigned.

    Minimum Qualifications
    • Education: Masters degree in related field required within 1 year of employment.
    • Experience: At least 3 months of experience required. 1-2 years of related experience preferred. Assistantships and other related roles may count toward total experience. A demonstrated ability and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Specialized Training: Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office. CARS, Web registration, databases, and student software preferred. Knowledge of health industries and systems preferred.
    • Or any combination of education, experience, or training that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.