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  • Director of Admissions - University of Massachusetts School of Medicine (Worcester, MA)

    Job Description:
    Under the direction of the Associate Dean for Admissions (ADA), directs administrative and fiscal strategies, personnel, technology and pre-matriculation program management of the Office of Admissions for the School of Medicine (SOM). Oversee development and implementation of a comprehensive student recruitment strategies. Provides leadership in all functions of admissions office.

    Oversee SOM Admissions Process:

    Direct selection and admission of incoming MD, MD/PhD, PURCH, URIM, disadvantaged and transfer students to the SOM under the direction of the ADA and in collaboration with the Admissions Committee.

    Direct admissions interview process for 1,000 applicants; recruit and train interviewers, set interview targets for each cycle.

    Oversee computerized application processing for approximately 4,000+ applications annually. Collaborate with Peoplesoft developers in application database management. Ensure timely review and decision making on each application.

    Generate comprehensive year end statistics reports for distribution to school administration.

    Ensure that admissions is compliant with AAMC/AMCAS regulations and traffic rules, medical school bylaws, state, federal government regulations affecting admissions.
    Oversee student recruitment and retention strategies

    Recruit/develop comprehensive recruitment plan for attracting qualified students, particularly from out of state, groups under-represented in medicine and disadvantaged students.

    Plan recruitment events including campus visits, fairs-both virtual and physical, visiting student groups and annual 2nd Look Day.

    Direct information technology needs website development, recruitment and marketing materials, handbooks.
    Oversee department budget and financial planning

    Direct department fiscal needs and projections.
    Develop departmental budget and purchasing needs.
    Training and supervision of department staff and Admissions Committee associates

    Provide training to department staff in job duties.
    Provide training to new admissions committee members, MMI raters, student ambassadors, student recruiters.
    Conduct Annual performance appraisals on support staff. Provide feedback on performance. Identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Ensure job descriptions are up to date and an accurate reflection of job duties.
    Manage admissions office staff.

    Represent SOM admissions within the medical school and externally

    Serve on assorted school committees including Technical Standards, Academic Accommodations, Basic Science Evaluation Board, Clinical Science Academic Evaluation Board.

    Represent UMMS in establishing relationships with the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).

    Responsible for establishing relationships with pre-med advisors on a national level. Develop inter-department relationships within the medical school, GSN, GSBS and medical school administration.

    Collaborate with ADA and Project Coordinator in development of pre-matriculation programs such as the Baccalaureate MD Pathway and HSP Program.

    Required Qualifications:
    Master's Level Degree in Public/Business Administration, Higher Education Management or Program Development Disciplines
    7-9 years’ experience
    Department level or higher leadership experience in higher education.
    Experience with multiple direct reports.
    Experience with development of recruitment and enrollment strategies.
    Fiscal management and budget preparation.
    Ability to work with diverse populations and demonstrated awareness and sensitivity to socio-ethnic and cultural communication styles.
    Ability to coordinate multiple projects and oversee a diverse team in a fast-paced environment.
    Electronic database and website management skills.
    Demonstrated ability to effectively collaborate and network with senior level administration, faculty, staff, applicants, constituents both internally and externally on a national level. 

    Preferred Qualifications:
    1-3 years’ experience -
    Higher education admissions. Medical school admissions a plus.
    Strong interpersonal and negotiating skills.
    Working knowledge of university and college academic policies, financial aid policies, academic records, medical school entrance procedures, and available student resources
    Thorough understanding of medical education issues as they apply to the recruitment and selection of students
    Writing, presentation and communication skills.
    Ability to conduct training and orientation sessions.