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  • Academic Advisor, Mappd, LLC (Remote in USA)

    Premedical Admissions Advisor

    Mappd is seeking a premedical Admissions Advisor to join our full-time team. The ideal candidate has extensive experience in undergraduate premedical student advising or medical school admissions and a passion for helping students.


    This role is a remote, full-time, salaried position starting Spring 2021. Expected hours are 35-40 hours per week on average, with an understanding that the annual cycle of the medical school admissions process experiences seasonal highs and lows. Hours can be arranged by mutual agreement with USA-based time zones. At least some hours will need to occur during daytime business hours for project updates and meetings, and at least some hours will need to occur during evenings and weekends for live events and student sessions.

    Work will include:

    1-on-1 coaching of students throughout the premed process
    1-on-1 coaching for students in the application process
    Essay review and feedback for students writing med school and post-baccalaureate application written responses, including but not limited to Personal Comments, Activities, Most Meaningful Activities, Research Experience, and Disadvantaged Status, Institutional Actions, and Secondary Application Essays
    Live informational events in the premed community
    Answer questions from students in our Mappd online community
    Other projects and duties as needed

    Requirements and Competencies

    Expertise in the premedical student journey and the medical school admissions process. “Always a student” attitude, constantly working to maintain expertise by reading, listening, and conferring with other experts.

    Since this is a 100% remote position, solid technical proficiency is required. Our regular work uses Google Business Suite for email, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; Airtable and Asana for project and task management; Zoom, Google Meet, and Streamyard for live meetings and videocasts; and Slack for ongoing daily communication. It’s not required that you’ve used our exact systems, but comfort with online databases and work tools is a must. High-speed internet with bandwidth to access all these tools concurrently is a must.

    About Mappd

    Mappd provides premedical students with the roadmap to navigate the journey to medical school. We offer 1-on-1 advising services, free help through blogs and podcasts, and our signature software solution, now in Public Beta.

    Mappd is co-founded by Rachel Grubbs and Ryan Gray, MD. Dr. Gray is also the host of the Premed Years podcast and the author of the Premed Playbook series. Ms. Grubbs has been serving and advising premeds for 20 years at companies like The Princeton Review and Next Step Test Prep (now Blueprint MCAT). This position reports to our Vice President of Academic Advising, Dr. James Scott Wright. Dr. Wright is the former Executive Director of TMDSAS, Director of Admissions at UT Southwestern Med, and Associate Dean and Director of Pre-health Advising at UT Dallas.

    Mappd is a company founded on three simple values: Work hard. Be creative. Do good. We are seeking people to join our team who share these values.

    One of the goals at Mappd is to help democratize the premed process. In terms of student advising, this means that we don’t create arbitrary barriers for the students we help. Academic struggles, lack of experience, etc, can all be overcome with time and dedication. We will always be authentic and honest in our advising about what is required to succeed, but we will never tell a student that success is not possible. Similarly, our years of experience have shown us that while applicant statistics matter, stats are not the whole story. Medical schools are seeking future physicians with core competencies, and we believe that storytelling is a key method for demonstrating these competencies. If you are not familiar with Mappd, you may wish to watch some of our videos at to get a feel for the Mappd style of advising.

    We especially encourage applications from members of historically marginalized communities.


    We are offering a base salary plus a share of the revenue of your admissions and coaching work.

    How to apply

    Email us at with “Admissions Advisor” in the subject line. Please tell us in a few sentences why you’re a fit for this role. Please include your career history as well; we accept resumes, CVs, and LinkedIn profiles.