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We Heard You

In 2013 NAAHP surveyed its membership to assess your satisfaction and needs.  This new feature - WE HEARD YOU - will let you know what we are doing in response to your needs and requests.

You told us that you definitely wanted the Advisor to be available online but you did not want to give up the paper version.  We heard you!  The Advisor will continue to be printed and mailed to you but you will also be able to access it online once you log on to the member section of the website.

You told us that you wanted an easier membership renewal process with reminders, and a streamlined password system.  We heard you!  There is now a single membership renewal date, and many personal and public reminders were sent last summer and fall to remind you.  You create your own password and it is permanent.  You will use this password to renew membership, register for the meeting and access all the members-only resources on our website.

Carol Baffi-Dugan

We Heard You

"The Advisor" Online

Thanks to the efforts of the NAAHP office staff, we now have all issues of "The Advisor" between March 2012 and September 2014 currently available online. The December 2014 issue focusing on chiropractic will become available in January. Work has begun on the 2011 and 2010 issues of the journal as well. We hope this will provide a handy and easy reference for our members.

Expanded Travel Grant Program

Although members all value highly our National meeting, you told us that your budgets were tight and some of you could not afford to attend. We heard you and started a Travel Grant program which was significantly expanded this past year. We are pleased to report that we awarded $59,811.50 to 71 advisors for the meeting in San Francisco. In addition to NAAHP funds, Travel Grant support came from a variety of sources including Advisory Council sponsors, SAAHP, WAAHP and other sponsors. Additionally, CAAHP conducted its own travel grant program which provided 11 awards totaling $6211.25 to CAAHP members. We look forward to having them join us at the National meeting.

Finding Your NAAHP Membership Number

You told us that you wanted to be able to find your membership number easily and to have a record of it when you had paid your dues and other historic data. We heard you.

  1. Go to the membership directory on the NAAHP website.
  2. Type in your login information.
  3. Just above where the list starts, you'll see the question: "Looking to update your profile?" Click on the words "online profile manager" in the following sentence.
  4. You can review and edit the information that NAAHP has on file for you as well as check for your membership number.

NAAHP Leadership Was Clubby

You told us that NAAHP leadership was clubby, that everything seemed to be done by the Old Guard, and you did not know how to get involved.

So, we designed a new committee category called “affiliate member” for those who would like to try out a committee to see if they have the time and interest to participate.  Click here to view the list of NAAHP committees and their membership.  Feel free to contact the chair of the committee or any member to express an interest in being an affiliate member.  You may also contact Chuck Hauck, Past-President of NAAHP to let him know of your interest.

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