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Member Resources

Please bear with us as we expand this portion of the website. If you have ideas about what resources you would like to see here, your proposals can be submitted to Carol Baffi-Dugan (carol.baffi-dugan@tufts.edu) or Malinda Byrne (mbyrne@naahp.org).


The NAAHP Sack serves as the "go-to" for advisor members seeking information on health professions.

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New Advisor's Toolbox

Letters Toolbox

NAAHP Bibliography

This list of references, always a work in progress, should provide ample material for enriching one’s knowledge of the health professions.

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2014 National Meeting Sessions

This is a collection of the resources presented to the participants of the 2016 NAAHP National Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.


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Practical Tools Manual

You may find some of the exercises in the attached manual that Alex Tan from Johns Hopkins and Carol Weisse from Union College put together for the 2013 NEAAHP meeting in Atlantic City to be useful.  Their goal was to compile activities and experiential learning modules that could promote core competencies.

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VirtualEvals is a system that was created by a health professions advisor and a medical school admissions officer to help health professions advisors transmit letters of evaluation to health profession schools in a secure, confidential, and efficient manner.

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Membership Directory

Within this resource is contact information for friends, colleagues, and patrons.

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