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Addressing Diversity - Allopathic Medicine

Diversity efforts: A list of the AAMC’s efforts on behalf of diversity can be accessed at www.aamc.org/diversity. These initiatives include:

  • The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP), a free six-week summer medical and dental preparatory program, co-sponsored with the American Dental Education Association.
  • A pilot marketing campaign, being developed for launching later in 2006, designed to attract well-prepared minority students to medical careers. The campaign will consist of:
    1. An interactive Web site and “e-community” to provide students with information and inspiration about becoming a doctor
    2. 2 year pilot marketing campaigns (including campus activities, print and Web advertising, and direct marketing) at four undergraduate institutions
    3. Enhanced AAMC communications with minority students who participate in the SMDEP and register to take the MCAT
    4. A new AAMC database by which AAMC member schools can view the number of undergraduate majors by race or ethnicity and the “medical school applicant yield” for every U.S. undergraduate institution
  • The Expanded Medical School Admissions (EMSA) Exercise Working Group which is developing materials for use by medical schools in enhancing the diversity of their classes and implementing an individualized, holistic review process for applicant selection.
  • Sponsorship of the College Board Access and Diversity Collaborative, which has, over the past two years, brought together legal, admissions, financial aid and higher education leaders to discuss how to lawfully design and implement selection; recruitment, retention and outreach; and financial aid and scholarship policies and procedures that will help achieve schools’ diversity goals.
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