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Duties & Roles

The NAAHP Advisory Council

The Advisory Council consists of representatives of various health professions education associations that are members of NAAHP. The Adviosry Council meets periodically with NAAHP leadership to provide input for the organization's strategic planning and programs to empower academic advisors to promote the health professions and recruit qualified applicants.

Duties of an NAAHP Advisory Council Member

    • Speak on behalf of their Association as related to decision-making and planning
    • Provide information to advisors and others about their health profession
    • Provide a connection to advisors for health professions admissions and recruitment information
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to promote diversity within the health professions
    • Commit to working and establishing a rapport with pre-health academic advisors to assist in their work
    • Facilitate awareness about their specific health profession
    • Promote basic knowledge about what all the health professions do, how they are interrelated, and how they are able to work collaboratively and interprofessionally around patient/family/caregiver centered care
    • Advocate for all health professions to be represented at national and regional conferences
    • Communicate on a frequent basis with their respective NAAHP Liaison
    • Identify ways for the NAAHP liaison to be involved with their respective association’s projects and meetings
    • Attend Advisory Council meetings
    • Support requests for information and presenters at regional and national NAAHP conferences
    • Provide a larger and external perspective for NAAHP by raising questions and issues as a non-advisor
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